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Jam Velvet Jumpsuit - Bordeaux.JPG

Velvet Jumpsuit

100% organic cotton


The red umbrella

balancing toy & decoration

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Wonderland Dungarees 

100% organic cotton


Forest Mushrooms Basket

pretend play & decoration

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Toy and Onesie

Welcome to Pretty Little Cute!

100% Organic Cotton Stylish Baby Clothes
Nursery Decor and Interior Accessories for Children's Room
Unique Open Ended Wooden Toy Selection for Playful Times

Illustrated Puzzles From Amazing Designers

Bathroom Toys for Fun Sensory Playing Moments

Pretty Little Cute was born with idea to bring to you eco-friendly, sustainable products, designed for little ones in collaboration with illustrators and artisans who well reflect the naïve and playful world of childhood.

If you are looking for good quality, well designed 100% organic clothes and accessories, heirloom quality natural & wooden toys for your precious, you are on right place.

Thank you for stopping by and finding out more about Pretty Little Cute!

If you have any question or have advice please contact us by email on

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Sleeping Baby

Who we are?

We care for our children’s planet

Welcome to Pretty Little Cute, where we have carefully chosen unique products for your sweet little ones. We want you to feel safe with the products you choose for your precious. All the products you find in our shop are durable, non-toxic and ethically manufactured. In our amazing collection you can find soft, 100% organic cotton-based and illustrated well-designed baby clothes; decor for children’s room; safe, eco-friendly, open-ended (Waldorf and Montessori-inspired) soft and wooden, unique range of toys.

We love hand crafted things, and we love our planet. We aim to reduce our environmental footprint. So we are trying to reduce our waste, using plastic free, recyclable packaging.

Thanks for stopping by, finding out more about Pretty Little Cute and shopping small with us! We hope you love our wide range of children’s products as much as we do.

Large Tree

What makes us different?

Organic and sustainable products

Organic Food Badge 15

GOTS certified
100% organic cotton

Baby's soft and sensitive skin deserves best quality organic fabrics.
All our products are GOTS certified 100% organic cotton, are as soft as possible for the delicate skin and the designs are practical to dress. All illustrations are printed with water-based dyes.


Responsibility to our planet

Our future is our baby,

Our future is our planet!

We only have one planet, and we must take care of it. We should make things better for our planet. That's why we have chosen sustainable products and packages.

Hand Drawing

Artisan designed

We value people, small & local business!

We carefully choose ethical and high quality products designed by local artisans. We also offer a selection of unique and handmade toys.

We love to support local&small businesses, especially women.

Wood Carvings

Heirloom Quality

Our organic cotton clothes:

Chemical processing can affect the durability of cotton fibers.

While conventional cotton fibers get destroy after few washes, our organic cotton can last longer.​

Toys: We choose our eco-friendly toys from around the world made by long lasting materials with timeless designs.

Why natural materials matters?

Baby skin is naturally more delicate than adult skin. Your little baby's skin barrier is up to 30% thinner than your own, and it loses moisture quicker, it absorbs everything more, meaning it can be prone to irritation.

That is why we brought together selection of natural products made without chemical process such as pesticides, toxic dyes, or harmful bleach to take care of the sensitive and delicate skin of your baby.

Holding Hands

Fair trade

We offer ethically manufactured products!

Ethical manufacturing is kind to the planet and people every step of the way, from seed to garment.

Fair trade changes lives by changing trade. Based on the simple idea that the products bought and sold every day are connected to the livelihoods of others, fair trade is a way to make a conscious choice for a better world.

We are proud of the part of it.

We believe in LESS IS MORE!

Our biggest hope is to see our clothes and toys become the all-time favorite products for your little ones.

Sustainability is very important for us; we would love to see our products reused by several generations.

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